11 Tips for Choosing the Right Online Business Venture for You

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Have you ever felt weird about an online business venture? Not uncomfortable. Not nervous. Not excited but full of trepidation. But weird. A strange, weird, not right feeling. A “I should DEFINITELY not move in this direction” feeling.

I had that feeling recently. The energy thing was off. Sure you might feel worried, or anxious about an online business venture before starting the gig. I felt like this with: cash gifting, affiliate marketing, ghostwriting, writing paid guest posts, accepting sponsored posts and any other work at home or offline business venture, or job, I was ever involved with.

You see if you are not an energetic match with something or something you will know it. If you feel right about some work at home venture you are golden. If you feel weird about it, well, you better not go down that road because you will regret it later on, or maybe sooner than later.

OK, back to my weird feeling. I felt strange about the venture. Like right away I knew it was not a perfect match but then I rationalized why I would – or would not – move forward. I could not come to an agreement to meet with the individual at a set time. This was one red flag.

You might feel awesome about the venture but not so much about the person. In this case I felt great about the venture and the person seemed really nice but things did not fit on an energetic level. This is code for: it is not a match for me right now.

Successful folks see non-matches and release quickly. Online failures hold on to non-matches and try to make these people or ventures bend to their will. Silly, and a chief cause of online business or home based opportunity failure because even the most strong-willed person cannot make the Universe bend to his or her will.

Yeah, I used to be that kinda clown ;) But I learned. I am still learning.

Oh yeah, I released on the proposed work at home venture quickly. Automatically I attract a series of prospering ideas. The power of contrast, right? Correct, right ;)

Finding the right online business for you feels daunting at first. So many opportunities and so little time, and if you are desperate/foolish you will jump at a venture promising the most money which almost always leads to failure since you do business with people not money and people buy your products not money and people read your blog or your newsletter and expand your presence and grow your home base opportunity.

Look at me. I am an internet lifestyle junkie. I am living in Kathmandu for a month because of my intent, persistent work, and because of…..YOU! This guy chilling here in Kathmandy has YOU to thank!

But to make it all happen I had to choose the right online business venture for me. I lie ghostwriting. I like cash gifting with The Peoples Program. I like affiliate marketing. I enjoy creating. I enjoy connecting. So, I vibe with my gig and naturally became successful with my work at home ventures.

Are you paralyzed with anxiety about choosing the right online business?

Use these tips.


1: Why?


Oh geez here we go again. Ryan hitting us up with the WHY question. But really unless you know why you wish to run an online business you lack the emotion to make the business drive. Confession time; when new to internet businesses I chose an activity because I was after money. I struggled like hell because when I did not see quick money I saw no purpose in working hard, or pushing myself.

So naturally I had to fail like a jerk for a long time to change my priorities. I chose poorly as a newbie. As a veteran I fell in love with a new why: the idea of being free. The idea of traveling the world and inspiring other people to do the same. I attracted online business ventures in harmony with this reason.

Write down on a piece of paper why you want to work at home. Establish clarity around this whole online business thingee.


2: Log Your Talents


Ah the good old days. One day I felt like a blogging champ. The next I felt like a video champ. The next an email marketing champ. Truth be told I liked doing all 3 but I never devoted sufficient time to any one venture to become wildly successful with the gig.

Father Time – ie failing like crazy for years – taught me to do one thing until you do it well. So I focused primarily on writing blog posts. I also had a talent for writing blog posts; my popular posts here and on certain blogs (check out the As Seen On widget to your right) showed that I had a talent for blogging. So I stick with blogging.

Before starting an online business venture find a home based opportunity which matches your talents. I like blogging. I like writing. So my ventures vibe with my writing. If you have a flair for presentation and editing try creating videos. I like presenting; do not have the stomach for editing though so I have largely moved away from vids….that and the slow connection speed in Kathmandu ;)

Check out this neat spot near Monkey Temple in KTM.

So, take a pen and paper to list out your talents. Match your talents with a series of ventures, then narrow down.


3: Stay Away from Desperate Mentors


I give off a calm, confident vibe chatting with people about ghostwriting, or The Peoples Program cash gifting, or with any venture or activity I engage in. I used to be terribly desperate, and pushy, or angry, and scared off people who would otherwise have hired me or joined my team.

The right online business is the wrong online business if your mentor is nasty, greedy or pushy. Bad karma. When this individual never picks up the phone when you call, blame yourself. Follow your heart. Select a nice, caring, helpful, confident, detached mentor.


4: Assess Your Schedule


If you work 16 hours a day go with affiliate marketing. Choose a venture which sets itself up. You have no time to create products from scratch. Choose paid marketing methods like postcards or solo ads. Pay up in money to get where you need to be.

If you have all the time in the world, or if you work 40 hours a week use blogging and social media marketing to connect with potential customers. Use what you can where you are and grow from there.

Affiliate/solo ad/short on time marketers can move toward blogging and social media marketing after making some dough and cutting back on their hours. Or maybe it is time to take a pay cut, get a 40 hour a week job and work like hell on your online business so you can quit your job and make a ton more money. Just a thought. Worked for me ;) Well, I was let go from my job, but still, worked for me :)


5: Support


Any work at home venture worth its weight in salt provides you with strong support, through both the mentor and backoffice. Demand helpful tutorials. Demand a proven system. Demand an online business blueprint to work through.

Now remember this all you Lazy Bones out there; a blueprint makes you no money. Working 6 to 12 hours daily off of a blueprint for weeks makes you money. Devoting 8 to 12 hours on weekends to your online gig if you work full time makes you money. But having a proven system and strong support network in place makes your job easier.

The wheel has been invented. Roll with it by using it.


6: Let Go Bad Matches


We have been there. I have at least. You have too, I am sure. You are all stoked to join a venture. Then after working it hardcore for a few months you realize something; time to let go. At this point you hold on because you fear wasting time. But, if you want to really make money, let go the opportunity.

To make money blogging let go bad matches to make room for good matches. People change. Opportunities change. Your feelings change. Let go. Find the right business. When things go South you must let go for good.

Sometimes beggars stalk me here in Kathmandu. I have compassion for them. I might chat with the more adjusted, friendly people. But on occasion 1 or 2 beggars go over the line. I have to let them go. An hour ago some whacky guy asked for 100 rupee to buy a roll then he bit me on the arm.

Since he was small, and I am a big, muscular guy, I refused to hit him because I would have belted him, and either injured him severely or maybe killed him. I have every right to defend myself but I simply moved away to spare this guy some pain. Bad match of course, and if I see him again I will either cross the street or cease chatting with him, because he has severe mental problems. I will let go for good and never another word because he is disturbed. Do the same thing when you see evidence of whacky things happening with your online business or online mentor. Let go.


7: Do Not Chase Money


I told you my tale of woe. I screwed up. Learn from my mistakes. Do not, and I stress, do not chase money. Money does not grow your business. People do. On that note, do not chase people either because what you chase, flees.

Money hungry fools do all the wrong things, like spamming, scamming, forcing, pressuring, pitching, and of course, wasting their time for hours each day. I get at least 5 spam requests through my contact form daily. It takes time and energy to populate these forms. It wastes my time and your time; these people are after money which is exactly why money eludes them.

Choose an online business which vibes with you. Money flows in as an effect of choosing an online business with the right cause, or purpose, in mind.


8: Ask Around


Ask your online business buddies for advice. Ask your offline buddies for advice. Before trusting any and everything you read on google concerning your online business try asking around to receive trusted insight.

Friends might match you up with an opportunity you had not envisioned. Such is the power of releasing and realizing that no, you do not know it all.

I mean, I had no idea about cash gifting or any other online ventures but after Kelli did some research and shared her advice with me here I am 4 years later. I make money blogging and travel the world and take pictures of monkeys in Kathmandu because I asked my girlfriend for advice.

OK, the monkey picture below ;)


9: Never Make a Decision from a Desperate Space


I speak to some folks who I turn down immediately. Some have no money and want The Peoples Program to desperately become their ATM machine. Not gonna happen. Some people try to undercut me with my ghostwriting pricing, desperate to publish posts but of course, they want to avoid paying for quality.

If you act desperately you will push away success. You will make poor decisions. You will select a poor work at home business match.

Pull back. Compose yourself. Decide on an online business from an intelligent, relaxed, focused space. Sure you might worry a bit before starting a venture. No shame in having butterflies but if you are desperately pushing yourself to start any venture now you naturally need to take a chill pill, pull back and relax.


10: Get Started


Get started. Experiment. Stop hesitating. I know people who have sat on the sidelines for years, waiting, hoping, praying. They are still broke. They are still suffering. They are still worrying.

You can align all the stars and do all the research in the world and convince yourself that you are choosing the right online business for you but unless you actually start the work at home venture you will never know, right?

Start. Now. Get into it. Get after it. Learn along the way if this is indeed a perfect match by experimenting, working, and practically experiencing what this online business is really like for you.

You might read this post. Then you get to researching a bit more. You get all jazzed up. Ready to attack. Then fear appears. You fear being criticized. You fear being labelled a scammer, or a hopeless dreamer, or you fear making the wrong choice. Forget that! Choose now to start an online business which vibes with you. Learn along the way. Learn as you grow. Learn as you make mistakes. Forge out a match over time, as you display supreme patience, in learning your venture inside out.


11: Work on Your Mindset


Meditate. Visualize. Affirm.

The Universe will lay your path out for you if you remove your blocks and let the true self, the higher self, out of your being.

Work on the inner world. Clear your limiting beliefs. Find the perfect match business-wise.


Your Turn


How do you choose the right online business for you?

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