11 Tips for Getting Your Guest Posts Placed Quickly on Authority Blogs

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Happy Dance :) After submitting a guest post to Problogger.net my offering was accepted AND published within about a week. I expected to be published many months down the road but I guess my work resonated with Darren and crew over at PB.

It made me think; how can you benefit from my experience?

How can you get your guest posts published on authority blogs, pronto?

Because I know you can use the surge in traffic and affiliate marketing sales. I know you can use a nice boost in your readership.

Deeply grateful for the opportunity to guest post on such a blog of high esteem and to share my secrets of course. Here is the link. Click, read and share please.

11 Tips for Slaying Your Most Insidious Blogging Limiting Beliefs

I few weeks back I had a guest post on shoutmeloud.com, one of India’s top blogs, within a few days. I am humbled by this fact as a I know Darren and Harsh have a bunch of posts waiting in the queue for publishing.




How did I get my guest posts published so quickly? How can you do the same? Why wait for weeks or even months to reach an astoundingly large audience in little time, right? Why wait on the backburner when you can make a serious impact, now, right? I did not grow my audience quickly by waiting around for things to happen, nor did I get posts published quickly on authority blogs by offering shoddy, poorly-written work. I intend to drill home the point today of doing your best job each time you write a post, or leave a comment, or make a connection.

Heck even when I hit the streets of Kathmandu, Nepal now I want to make an impact. Me chilling.


Each Act Counts


Each act counts. Few people tell you this because few bloggers make a serious impact. Think about it; if everybody were successful online everybody would be traveling the world, living the internet lifestyle. Everybody would be making money online or spending more time with their family or quitting their jobs. Few make each act count. I am not mindful enough to make each act count but I have improved.

Check out any of my comments. Long, right? And not just long, but in-depth, and insightful. This is why I generate over 7,000 visits each day. This is one reason why I have expanded my presence quickly. I returned to a thorough, mindful blogging and commenting strategy a few weeks back, and let me tell you, things have taken off, fast! I want Ryan Biddulph to be consistent with quality, with making a serious impact wherever he shows up.

This takes time. This takes energy. You can only get posts placed quickly on wildly popular blogs by sowing. By putting in the time. By paying your dues. I needed to hone my writing skills AND my relationship building skills before I could taste the sweet nectar of seeing a post published on a major league blog. It was not always easy to persist through these tough times but in the end, of course, struggling, straining and striving to improve my blogging skills paid massive dividends.

Each act counts. Each guest post counts. Use these guest posting tips to make your posts count and to get your posts placed quickly on authority blogs like problogger.net…..let us dive in, shall we?


1: Respond Quickly


I check my email once daily. Because I want to respond to emails in a timely manner. All except for my gmail which is a hands-off, once a week check deal. Hotmail and yahoo I am checking frequently to be on the eye out for guest post submissions, sponsored posts requests, affiliate marketing sales, or heck, anything.

I saw Belinda’s email within hours. I responded quickly. She let me know it might be a while, but of course, it was not. They key was that I offered my guest post quickly – within 3 hours or so – after pitching the idea and each time she emailed me I responded within 1 business day. Check your emails. Build relationships. Set the table to get your posts published quickly.


2: Write a Resource


Resource-style, one-stop-shopping style, kick butt style type posts get placed. Write 2000 to 3000 word posts. Cover topics from an intimate space. Guest blogging is a challenge because posting to authority blogs requires you to make an impact.

I write resources now. For my blog and for guest posts. 1500 to 3000 word jobs. The more insightful, the better. Imagine someone googling a search term and seeing your guest post. Did they find their complete solution? They better have, if you want to make a seriously positive impact on an authority blogger.

You are not guest posting just write a post or get backlinks to snag readers. Help. Serve. Impress. Go above and beyond. Spend hours crafting this baby. I want to create as astoundingly comprehensive, powerful, valuable resource which will help you solve your problems each time I sit down to write a blog post or guest post. This is my intent now. Solve problems. Create in depth, helpful content. Get published quickly.


3: Use Popular Titles


Say what you want to say but my 13 tips or 12 steps posts get the most pop. Both on my blog and other popular blogs. Post titles that get pop.

You cannot go wrong with big numbers and list style posts. Feel free to add numbers within the realm of reason. Or if you really want to shock and awe a blogger – or their audience – go for an insane number. Maybe 33 or 55 tips? A bit much? Maybe, but you tend to snag a ton more attention and gain serious consideration by going high on the number end of things.


4: Research the Prospective Blog


Problogger is a blog for bloggers who need blogging tips. So I wrote a post which would resonate with the PB audience. If you want to make money blogging get intimate with any blog where you want to publish a guest post. This means reading at least 3 or 4 posts before you make a pitch or submit your guest post.

Patience my friends. Calmly decide what audiences vibe with by soaking up a few posts. Then see what seems to be the most popular topics. Craft your guest posting entries around these ideas. Finding a perfect match makes your job much easier and it will increase the chances of getting your guest post published quickly.


5: Build Relationships with Fellow Bloggers


This is my 3rd guest post on PB. Although I do not know Darren personally I do know my 3 posts were popular. He likes my work and I have established that any submission will be quality so I am more likely to get published quickly for future submissions.

On the flip side, if I put out shoddy work chances are my posts are going into oblivion. This makes sense. If somebody impresses you how can you forget them?

I also established a relationship with the PB audience by writing insightful, valuable comments in response to posts on the blog, along with promoting just about any problogger post I happen to read. Help, and you will be helped, aspiring pro bloggers, affiliate marketing pros and yes, guest posting wizards.


6: Practice Writing


Hone your skills. Become a better blogger. Get more posts placed on authority blog. Simple. Easy peasy. Well, not the writing part, always, because sometimes you just do not feel like writing when it is time to write. That happens to be now. I am tired, worn out and my neck is still as hell. But I write because now is posting time, no matter what.

Later does not matter. A stiff neck does not matter. I practice to improve my skills, improve my blog and to establish my presence online.

If I can publish one 2000 to 2500 word authority post daily good things will happen for my blog. Absolutely, positively, no question about that. So I write daily, pushing myself beyond all limits to rock it out online. If I want to make money blogging I need to commit to this task. If I want to write attention-grabbing guest posts I must hone my writing skills.


7: Guard Against This Limiting Belief


“My guest post will not get published anyway.”

This one killed me for years. My defeatist attitude repelled prospering opportunities to make money blogging. I missed out because I was defeated before I started. Bad times. Guard against this limiting belief. Try then try again. Push yourself into uncomfortable spots, like, submitting guest posts even if you lack confidence in your abilities.

Nobody will ever see one of your posts on problogger if you refuse to submit a post in the first place. Your guest posts will get published if you practice writing in-depth, thoughtful, kick butt posts. Keep at it. Your acceptance percentage will improve and your rejections will lessen over time.


8: Guard Against this One Too


OK guilty as charged on SO many occasions….but…

“It will take so long for the post to be published I cannot wait 3 weeks or longer!”

Again, I sometimes waited for up to 1 month to get my posts published on authority blogs. Of course the wait was well worth it. When I was working cash gifting hardcore – The Peoples Program that is – I would see 5 times as many opt ins than usual when posting on authority blogs.

If you want to learn more about The Peoples Program and how it helps you live the internet lifestyle, click this link: The Peoples Program

What a dolt, I know.I was impatient. 1 – You can wait a month if it means reaching 50,000 or 100,000 extra readers. 2 – If you write an exceptional post you can elbow your way up a few week’s worth of spots and get published in a week or so. It has happened with me on more than 1 occasion and it can happen for you too.


9: Write from Experience


Each of my best posts are heartfelt, honest admissions of my screw-ups and successes. I made mistakes – yep the opposite of these tips – for many years, and then I also used these tips to score sweet guest blogging gigs.

Write from experience. Make your potential audience feel you and your story. Guest blogging is about making an instant connection with a new audience. Speaking from experience helps you to connect quickly. I enjoy sharing because I can kill your learning curve and help you succeed with affiliate marketing or cash gifting or with any niche you so choose, if you can avoid my failures and follow my successful tips.


10: Do Your Best


Your best changes with experience. Last year my guest post would have been tight, no doubt but this year my best post absolutely rocks, and next year it will be even better. Setting a high precedent forces improvement. Improved bloggers get published on authority blogs.

Some people wonder how I get published on so many top shelf blogs; no secret really. I practice writing daily to become a guest blogging pro. I practice guest posting daily to succeed wildly. I wish it were more complex, the secret of my success, but there is no secret, just persistent, smart work.


11: Be a Good Guest Blogger to Generate Good Karma


I doubled down on responding to every comment possible on my guest posts. This as you can imagine is a ton of comments. But I cherish the relationships I am building bloggers and their audiences. So, responding and building a community for my fellow blogger generates good karma and this karma comes back to me in the form of cash gifts, or leads, or new readers, or accepted guest posts.

This is the real secret of success. Think Karma. Help. Serve. Do your best job. Post to create something sensational for your audience or for the audience of your fellow blogger. Think abundantly, put out good vibes and you will prosper in the long run.


Your Turn


What tips can you add to this list?

How do you get your guest posts placed on blogs?

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