10 Reasons Why The Peoples Program Cash Gifting Might Be for You

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As I nosh on oatmeal in Kathmandu – bright and early at 5:02 AM – I thought of how many people struggle to make a living online. I work. Plain and simple. Work, smart work, persistent work, magnetizes you to money…..or does it?

I worked hard for years and made little dough. I even worked intelligently for months without seeing solid results. The problem is sneaky. So sneaky that most people miss it and struggle to make a significant living online. What is the problem? What is the issue?

Money fears being around you.

Now money is not human but it can take on human qualities because money responds to your beliefs about money. We live in a universe of attraction – or repelling – and constantly send out signals based on the thoughts and feelings we choose each moment.


The Peoples Program Cash Gifting


The Peoples Program cash gifting can solve your money issues. Yes, the program itself can do it because the private activity is based on a neat idea which cures you of your money woes. It is not the best business online though because it is no business. Nope. More on these developments later.

So the thoughts and feelings you choose each moment dictate how you attract or repel energy forms around you. Money falls within the category of energy forms. Now, the moment of truth. Observe your financial situation. How much money do you have?

Do you struggle to pay bills? Or do you have $5000, or $10,000, or $100,000, or $1,000,000 or more sacked away in a savings account? Do you continually complain about how everything is so expensive? Do you needlessly criticize money, or people with significant amounts of money?

If you answered a resounding “Yes” to each statement you are repelling money because your beliefs tell money to “stay away.”

Enter my quandary; for the longest time I worked smart and persistently but saw little money flow into my life. Turns out I feared going broke. I feared running out of money. Since money sprints from people who fear going broke – desperation is a repelling vibe – I struggled to make money online.

I struggled to prosper. I struggled to set up affiliate marketing ventures. I struggled to set up multiple streams of income. I suffered because I repelled money. If you too are suffering, if you are disgusted with living paycheck to paycheck, The Peoples Program cash gifting can be for you.

Now, before I continue, full disclosure time; The Peoples Program cash gifting is not a business. Private activity. This is like you offering me a gift. I do not offer you a product or service. You can walk away after that or you can share the private activity with like-minded people. Your call.

If you do share the activity with like-minded people you can receive cash gifts from like-minded people. Again, this is not the best online business because it is not an online business. This is a private, 1-to-1 activity.

So how does this work at home venture prosper you? How does this rival the best online business? How does The Peoples Program expand your prosperity consciousness? Easy. Gifting forces you to release cash freely. Gifting – if you really want to expand your prosperity consciousness – forces you to release:

  • Skepticism
  • Doubts
  • Worries
  • Attachment to outcomes

Cash gifting also forces you to trust. The Peoples Program cash gifting forces you to believe in the idea, to believe in your mentor, to believe in the club and to believe that giving cash freely sends an “I am rich!” signal out to the Universe which is then met with richness in the form of money, wealthy people and wealthy circumstances moving into your life.


Cash Gifting Forced Me to Look at My Money Problems


Cash gifting forced me to look at my money problems square in the face. It forced me to address my greediness, my selfishness, my lack of trust in a Higher Power. Gifting also forced me to deal with critics, skeptics and flat out angry, unclear people. What a blessing. What a gift. Honestly; unless I dealt with these feelings and cleared out these negative energies I would still struggle to make $50 a month.

But now, I am prospering through multiple channels; cash gifting with The Peoples Program, hootsuite sales, hostmonster sales, ghostwriting services, various affiliate ventures, paid guest posts, sponsored posts, offline investments. I feel blessed because I FORCED myself to give freely and cut the strings and gifting is the perfect vehicle through which you can give freely.

Giving freely opens doors for you. Giving freely helps you live your dreams. Giving freely helps you live the internet lifestyle. Look at me. Even if Kelli and I look like dust devils here in Kathmandu, Nepal, we are loving every second of our visit.

OK, are you ready to dive into the reasons? I am.


1: Money Issues


I delved into the money issue thing but we can dig a bit deeper. Right now, unless you have enough money to do what you want to do in life you can use more money because money is tied to freedom. Example; many people see my travel pictures and call me “lucky”, or “wish that they can travel some day.” This crowd has money issues because they want to travel but cannot because they do not have the money to travel.

Money is the thing blocking their dreams from coming true. So money is a problem. Not having enough money is the problem. Learn to give freely through The Peoples Program. Offer cash freely. Become magnetic to goodness. All because you cut the strings. All because you let go.


2: No Selling


No product or service is offered through The Peoples Program cash gifting. Again, this is unlike an online business. Some people enjoy selling and other people despise selling. If you despise selling TPP offers you a neat way to prosper; if you give freely and release.

Give and share. Share. Share. If you do enjoy selling pursue multi level marketing or network marketing. I have an A1 mentor for you. His name is Nate Leung. Here is his blog. Stop by and see the immense value he has to offer:

Nate Leung’s Blog

3: No Recruiting


The Peoples Program does not involve recruiting. See how I noted my buddy Nate above? How I directed uninterested parties to a different alternative? This is one element of TPP which vibes with many people who prefer not to recruit.

Again, if you enjoy recruiting please contact Nate. He builds his mlm using attraction marketing, a neat way to build relationships and prosper. But if recruiting is simply not for you consider TPP.

Share the club. If people like the idea of giving, the idea of a private sharing club, great. If not, great too. Release these folks or better yet, suggest a better match. Find a fit. This detached, helpful vibe makes you magnetic to abundance. Again, look at the guy in the image below. He is doing OK for himself, right? ;)


We love Kathmandu in case you did not know. I love momos in case you did not know. Momos are a food of Nepal. Neat little scrumptious dumpling. Above is a shot of a momos and fries joint around the corner from our apartment in the Lazimpat district of the city.

4: More of a Passive Cash Stream


OK, sharing the activity takes effort but since you invest no time in learning the details of a product or service, or recruiting prospects, you can set up more of a passive cash flow stream through cash gifting with The Peoples Program. Online businesses are a bit different; take affiliate marketing. I must use the product and explain all benefits in great detail to generate sales.

Hey, I enjoy this! Which is why I am a hootsuite and hostmonster affiliate. But I enjoy setting up more passive cash flow channels too. Gifting is not set it and forget it but by saving time – no selling no recruiting – you can develop a less active cash stream, one you need not work extensively.


5: Helpful Mentor


Me J OK, this only applies if I invite you into the club but the reason is a strong one, because I have been cash gifting with The Peoples Program for over 4 years. I know how to prosper. I know how to help you dissolve mental blocks to success – been there, done that – so you can be free.

Folks, starting from scratch is hard enough. Even with a mentor. Trying to make a go of it on your own is suicide. But selecting a person who cares about you can ease the transition and cut 2-3 years off of your learning curve.


6: Help


Beyond connecting with a helpful mentor in me TPP helps you to prosper by explaining how to share the activity responsibly. This can be an incredibly prospering venture with little fuss or muss if you are entirely clear on why you are cash gifting. If you know why you chose The Peoples Program cash gifting club. This is unlike any online business. Even though there is no product to learn or service to sell or people to recruit you need to know how to share the activity.

Cash Gifting with The Peoples Program by ryanbiddulph

Like, one mistake I see many gifters make; sharing TPP as a business instead of private activity. No-no time, and if you heard the whole “cash gifting is illegal” talk this is exactly where it becomes illegal.

If you present gifting like a business you tread into questionable waters. If you set up a meeting offline between 3 or more people – and TPP is an online club, where members meet and offer gifts, 1-to-1, so it is good money – then, cash gifting is deemed illegal in the United States, because according to the Federal Trade Commission meetings of 3 or more people, who get together for the purpose of financial gain, gives off the appearance of commerce.

Yep, you need to know this stuff, and me, and TPP, can help you figure out how to share the activity if you choose to do so.


7: Do You Like Philanthropy?


If you like the idea of being philanthropist cash gifting can be a stepping stone for you. I know of few better ways to offer cash freely through a prospering medium.

The top online business pros see immense benefits in giving freely, for giving freely through multiple channels opens channels through which you can receive. You need not be a millionaire or billionaire to engage in philanthropic ventures. John D. Rockefeller was a penny billionaire, giving away nickels and dimes to the less fortunate when he was a kid. The habit of consistent giving opened up the way to consistent receiving as JD became the wealthiest man the world ever knew.

Estimates of Rockefeller’s wealth in modern day numbers top out at over a quarter of a trillion dollars. Yes, that is well over $250 billion dollars, which makes JD dwarf the top collection of current day wealthiest people on earth. Giving freely can precede astounding fortunes.


8: You Get to See a Neat Squeeze Page


People love my squeeze page. Why not? You are met with a video of myself chatting from stunning Rawai Bay, in Phuket, Thailand, followed up with a series of pictures detailing a few of the global hot spots I have visited.

OK enough already. Visit the site. Sign up if you could use 21 free money making tips plus my weekly newsletter.

Click the following link:

The Peoples Program cash gifting

9: Sharing System All Set Up


The Peoples Program helps you by setting up the sharing system for you. No need to record, or document, on your own.


10: Fun Time


Why do we seek out activities? Why do we pursue interests? You want to have fun. The best businesses online are built around this idea of having fun. TPP is fun. You can give and receive cash from generous individuals. Fun.

Now, if after reading this post, the idea of cash gifting does not vibe with you please pursue another activity. I never accept pledges from folks other than those who believe in the concept 100%. Do not waste your time and my time if you deeply fear some aspect of gifting or feel outright skeptical. Thank you.

If you feel uncertain and wish to learn more take a free tour of my website. Gaining the facts concerning The Peoples Program can ease anxieties you might have concerning the private activity.

Take a Free Tour Here

If you are in love with the idea of gifting and want to join The Peoples Program visit my capture page, enter your contact information, click the “Join” tab and follow the steps.

If you have any questions get in touch with me.

So, have you heard of cash gifting?

Are you a member of The Peoples Program cash gifting?

What do you think about gifting?

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