1 Sneaky Block Delaying Your Success

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You might be the most hard-working, diligent, driven entrepreneur but you still struggle. You work harder on your cash gifting training. You push yourself to new levels, staying up later and waking earlier to rock it out online.

People might shower you with adulation. You are awesome. At least other people know it. You are stunningly successful.

At least this is what other people think. But you know the truth: you struggle to make money online.

This was me. People told me I was a pro. A home based opportunity industry leader. I did not believe it. I felt the need to work harder. Like I had to be a slave, to deserve my cash, to deserve my success.

Benefits of Reading this Post

* Uncover a wicked, subtle block preventing your success
* Succeed online (duh!)
* Save yourself precious time and energy building your cash gifting team
* Spend more time traveling or hanging with the fam while you generate passive cash flow

So I did not make money online at a decent clip. I failed, really. Why? I suffered from 1 tremendous block handicapping most online entrepreneurs.

Watch as I discuss…

1 Sneaky Block Delaying Your Success by ryanbiddulph

The Home Based Opportunity Block


That right there, my friends, marks the difference between online success and failure. I am living proof. See my recent 2 year trip through Southeast Asia.

Hitting the International Car Show

I am heading to the International Car Show in New York City in a few hours with my buddy Ramiro. It will be an amazingly fun day. Now, the old me would have declined the invite from my doctor buddy. Why? I had to work, I would have believed.

Work hard. Then work harder. Continue trying to overcome imagined hurdles, and blocks. Hell, I HAD MONEY to do a lot of fun stuff, and I still feel like I needed to work.

I carried the Underdog Syndrome. I had to overcome. I had to work harder, even when success was always within my reach.

I Let Go

I have work to do today. So I went to bed at 8 PM last night. I woke at 5 AM. I did 1 hour of personal development. I sent out a solo ad for a client. Now I write this post.

In 3 hours I am off to soak up Lambos, Porsches, and who knows what other amazing supercars will show up at the Javitz Center. Guys, you must have fun, and enjoy your wealth, to become even wealthier.

When you feel wealthy, and have fun, you attract intelligent, smart, good feeling ideas which put money in your pocket.

Enjoy the Internet Lifestyle

You must enjoy your money. This is part of running a home based opportunity. You must BE the person, to become the person. I do not care how hard you work. Unless you feel like a wealthy, successful person during most of the day, you do not become wealthy, and successful.

Unless you do the stuff that successful people do, and enjoy it, you can have money, and success, but you will always be missing something.

Beware the Tendency

This affects many folks in the work from home set, from cash gifting, MLM, heck, any niches. I know many Peoples Program mentors who work harder and harder, not appreciating their wealth.

I can walk up to the ATM, take out a nice chunk of change and go enjoy myself in the City in 3 hours. I will. Because I let go the block that I must work harder. I now work more intelligently, and it feels FUN to work intelligently and make money online.

Beware the tendency to push harder, work harder and do things from the sweat of your brow. I swear, even though I had sufficient funds, and had no business turning down an awesome day like this, at the car show, I would have said “no”, because I was a work horse.

The Strange Thing About This Mindset

I have learned that being in prosperous, abundant environments – like where I am heading today, soaking up some of the most expensive cars on earth – helps me attract the most prosperous, abundant ideas. Looking at a computer screen, busting your ass all day and never having fun brings you a lifetime of hard work and early trip to the grave.

This is an inside-out game. You have fun, feel wealthy, the wealth flows to you in the form or smart, prospering ideas, and then you act on the ideas.

If you feel the need to work harder and harder, not enjoying your day, or feeling wealthy, you are straining, and poor, on the inside, so you see poor results on the outside.

No One Cares

No one cars if you work 18 hours daily. People who work 1 or 2 hours daily, leveraging the stuffing out of their presence with fun, smart, prospering ideas, make 10 times what you make.

Having fun matters and results matter. Do you help a ton of people, have fun and attract money? Awesome. Actually, turn around that statement, moving “Have Fun” to the first item. Have fun. We live in a Universe of energy, so having fun attracts fun ideas, people and circumstances to you.

Yeah I Know this Question Plagues You

“But what if I am really struggling to make money online and need to work?”

Take it from a guy who had 4 cents, who now travels the world.


When you surround yourself with abundance, wealth, opulence, and all sorts of richness, you attract the ideas and move into actions to buy the Ferrari instead of having 4 cents. See how cool this works?

See where most people screw up? They work harder and harder instead of having fun, surrounding themselves with pictures of wealth, attracting rich ideas based on these images, and making a ton of money with cash gifting or any other online opportunity.

If you are in dire financial straits and feel the need to work you better start surrounding yourself with wealthy people, wealthy images, heck, anything that inspires you to think and act like a prospering person.

Even with My New Mindset…

…I had to watch myself for a few seconds, conning myself out of visiting a truly amazing car show. I turned that line of thinking around fast, jumped at it, and will enjoy the heck out of the day.

Even if I did not have much money, this was a no brainer, and since I can afford to take today off – and Saturday, and Sunday, if need be – I am in.

Because I know that having fun, releasing on outcomes, placing myself in prospering environments and feeling wealthy far supercedes working hard.

Working hard, forcing and striving from a poor place is not the answer. Have fun first. Love what you do. Surround yourself with images of wealth, soak them up and attract the ideas to make your wildest dreams, stunning realities.

Move into wealthy actions. Take time off from work/play. Enjoy the ride guys. Literally.

Your Turn

Have you suffered from this block, that you needed to work harder, and longer, to succeed?

How did you dissolve it?

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