1 Secret to Growing Your Online Business with Less Effort

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You might be a control freak. I fight the urge, believe you me. I like creating. So much, that I feel an urge to create, and work harder, and longer, and put in more effort, to grow my business.

This is counterproductive to enjoying the internet lifestyle. I mean, how can you enjoying cash gifting if you are busy all the time? How could I enjoy vacation time in Bali if I busted my tail 24-7, or at least 15-6. Not gonna happen. Nope. 1 secret separates the rich from the wealthy.

Separates people who make a lot of money from people who make a lot of money, and are happy, and make money in less time. The second crowd embraces the idea of…..letting go. Or surrendering.

See the video above? That’s my lazy a** cat in Bali. Not mine, but a surrogate, adopted cat, at least for this month. Kelli and I attract cats at almost every location of our current 18 month trip. We set an intent, and the Universe takes care of it.

The Grass Grows Itself. Yes, our cat buddy gets food daily, sleeps most of the day, rested in my lap during meditation this morning. Effortless. No consciousness getting in the way, worrying, fretting, control-freaking, blocking. Nope, the grass grows itself.

Does a blade of grass worry about growing? No. Yet it grows. The grass is onto something. So is everything in nature. Yes, living forms transition, as energy is neither created or destroyed. So things, “die”, whatever that means. But the growing happens effortlessly.

Wealthy, happy, money making machines in cash gifting know the grass grows itself. Easy, they create from a place of calm, confidence, knowing God, or The Universe, or One Creative Force, is on their side, and manifests their dreams with no effort, in a zone of timeless space, so they work less, work more intelligently, work more effectively, release, and make money with ease.

This crowd becomes attractive to prospering ideas, and acts on the ideas, and makes money, and grows their online business with much less effort. Because the calm, confident, peaceful way is the best way to grow your online business.

This is still tough for me to do. I forget that the same force that creates…well….Creation…with zero effort….helps manifest my dreams. So I work diligently, meditating 1 hour each morning, to let go my need to control. Super uncomfortable, and reveals to me my attachment to outcomes, at times, but this is purifying.

Because I see again and again that….the grass grows itself. I work calmly, and slowly, and relaxed, and act a bit lazier, like the cat, and let the Universe handle the rest. Yep I still work, but it doesn’t feel much like work, because I am learning not to go against anything, but to rather work with everything.

Big difference. Power, versus force, meaning I work light, calmly, and confidently, and get off the computer for extended periods. I share more, and strain less. Because…the grass grows itself. Your cash gifting club grows itself. Yes, you interact, you create content, or share, and do these helpful things, but from a detached, relaxed, lazy cat guest place.

Is this easy? At times, no, because your attachments grow stronger, as you meditate a lot, and let go, and your awareness expands, and your fears arise. But ride out these feelings, and you come to embody the idea that…the grass grows itself.

Let go. Work relaxed. If you feel stressed, stop forcing. This only creates more stress, which tricks the ego into thinking you need to use more effort, to overcome the stress, and the stress grows, more effort…see where this is headed? See why people almost kill themselves, and make no money, which so much effort?

The grass grows itself. No ego, no force, no stress, effortless. Learn a lesson from my lazy cat. Let go. Watch your feelings, meditate and grow your cash gifting club with less effort.

Your Turn

What are your thoughts? Do you use this secret?

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