1 Mistake Broke People Make (and You Might too So Pay Attention)

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I read a comment on a blog before.

I noticed a flare up in the comments section. First commentor criticized billionaires for being billionaires….and making changes to a certain search engine….hmmm…..and another hopped on board.


This trend is all the rage now. Google has done something where people find their mugs posted on ads. I care not how it happened. I do not care about it at all. Because….

….I have been there done that with the broke thing.

Now the guy commenting may or may not be broke. What he just did was say…

“Fuck you money.”

He noted how it makes no sense to put money in a billionaire’s pocket….ouch….and suggested tips to help you avoid Google from doing this, and to prevent Facebook from doing the same.

Why the Eff You?

Money is energy. Everything is energy. Hating on rich people tells money to eff off. Trying to cheat rich people of money or out fox billionaires sends a signal of lack and limitation to the Universe.

The Universe is not subjective. If you rail against or criticize someone who money flows through freely – even if they are unjust – that money energy stays the hell away.

This concept is so hard to grasp because:

  1. most of us do not grow up in households where money flowed freely
  2. many of these households treated the rich like a different species
  3. many of these households railed against people who attracted money freely, through jealously, or anger, or other negative vibes
  4. Most people envy people with a great deal of money

Guilty as charged. I did this. For a long time. Former bosses. Big whig execs. Then I got sick of being broke. I also learned about the law of attraction.

I embraced ideas like one giant energy field ruling the world. Or that the world is one giant energy field. I realized that money runs from people who criticize money -whether that money lies in the hand of a crook or a good person – and that if you try to take money from anybody, rich or poor, you will go broke.

How to change?

  • lose broke friends; sorry, you do not become rich by hanging out with money allergic folks(of course if these folks are working to change their lives keep them around)
  • never criticize money or people who have money
  • never try to take money that is not yours; like, trying to dupe Google or Facebook around their new ad strategy because you feel those billionaire bastards have enough money already

You see, money cares not about you and your crusades. It sees “rich feeling person” and sprints there, or “poor feeling person”, and sprints there.

So, are you making this mistake?

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